How To Keep Mice Away

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How To Keep Mice Away From Your House
Because of the damage they cause by chewing, and the diseases they can cause, you probably prefer to live without mice in your home. The easiest method is to leave a cake of mouse poison in several places of the apartment. Unfortunately. this is not an effective method, nor a humane one. Only a percentage of the mice will die, and more will soon replace them. And you'll wind up with dead stinking mouse carcasses in your attic and walls. The only way to solve the problem permanently is to find and seal shut the entry holes. Then you must trap them.

The most recommended method to get rid of mice is by trapping them in snap traps. You need to thoroughly search your apartment for the entry hole. Several traps are better than one and effective bait, like bird seeds wrapped in a ball of peanut butter, is as important as the trap itself. Traps are preferred over poison because when a mouse dies of poisoning, it can die between the walls of your apartment. You may experience a terrible odor for quite some time, unless the dead mouse is removed. Another option is those glue boards where mice get stuck on them. However, some mice are simply too large to be trapped that way. The other thing is that when it comes to disposing a glued-on mouse, you may be faced with the dilemma of how to avoid getting bitten. Cleanliness and closing off all possible entries to your apartment are good ways to avoid four-legged roommates.

How To Keep Away Mice In Your Walls
If you hear scratching between your walls, especially at night, you may have a mouse between your walls. This is terribly aggravating and a bit frightening as well with respect to mice gnawing their way through the wall and into your bedroom or your child’s bedroom. If the mouse is deep within the wall and can’t get out, it will claw all night long. It may have landed on a horizontal bridging board between the vertical two by fours, in which case the mouse is fairly easy to locate. How to get a trap there is a different problem.

You do not have many options in this case. If you drop poison into the space from the attic, the mouse will probably die where it is and the stench will be with you for a long time. A trap will be impossible to place. This leaves only one option: You call someone who knows how to work with walls. He needs to cut a hole into your wall, place a live trap next to the opening before he takes out the cut piece. Carefully removing the cut piece of dry wall so that the mouse can move into the trap is a tricky situation but it can be done. Make sure you find out all the entry holes, most likely in the roof or attic, and set traps there once your wall has been repaired.

Is It True Mice Don’t Like The Smell Of Moth Balls
There are many people who will tell you the best way to get rid of mice are with mothballs. This will leave you asking the question, is it true mice don’t like the smell of moth balls. While it is true you may be able to sprinkle mothballs around a garden and repel mice from getting in there, it is very unlikely you will be able to rid yourself of the problem. Once rodents have found a steady food source they aren’t going to easily get deterred from an area.

For this reason you are more likely to see good results if you decide to use something more lethal and more effective. The most popular method of getting rid of a mouse population is through the use of snap traps. This is because they are both highly cost effective and generally effective. Because of the many diseases that mice and their feces carry you are better to get rid of them quickly and then clean up after them. You will want to use a disinfectant to get rid of the droppings they have left. It is also recommended to wear a mask and gloves if you’re cleaning up quite a bit of mouse droppings. When they dry you can have problems with airborne diseases by breathing in the dry fecal matter that is in the air.

How To Keep Away Mice In Your Crawl Space
You may not notice you have mice in your crawl space until you are infested with them. It is fairly easy not to see one mouse that is trying to conceal its presence, but it is much harder not to see a mouse in a population of twenty and growing. Sooner or later you will see them running in and out from your crawl space. Then you will pay attention to such things as droppings and debris. Now you know you need to get them out before they decide to move upstairs.

For mice in a crawlspace, traps around their entry holes may get you a few right away, especially if the bait smells inviting. However, mice are very clever rodents and will probably learn to avoid traps after they see a few of their family members’ demise. You will have to switch bait and trap location if you know there are more mice living in your crawl space but you don’t catch any more. Poison becomes a much more attractive way to get rid of the mice when they are outside rather than in the house. The stench will be tolerable outside and when the dead rat is found, it can always be disposed of properly. Once they are gone, a barrier around your crawl space should at least keep anything bigger than insects and arachnids out.

How To Keep Away Mice In Your Basement
If you notice mouse droppings or crumbs that you didn’t leave on the floor, in your basement, you will have to go on a mouse hunt. You have to learn where they live and where their point of entry is. In a cluttered basement, that means serious investigating. On the other hand, probably the easiest way is to place traps or poison in a basement. So long as children and pets are kept away, this can be done quickly and easily.

The preferred way to eliminate mice from your house is still through catching them in snap traps. It is quick and not very messy. The only thing you have to be sure about is to have the right kind of bait in the trap and to empty the trap once it has sprung. Sealing off all possible cracks and holes once the mice have died, will prevent a new batch from living in your basement. Cleanliness is also important. Clear away any basement clutter and take away any possible food and water sources mice could use. That should help in controlling new mice from trying to come in. Also clear off the area surrounding the outside walls of the basement. Any bushes and shrubs should be moved away from the house walls so that no shelter can be found in them. It is a small distance from a bush outside the basement through loose mortar and into the inside of the basement, especially for teeth that never stop gnawing.

Do You Need Help?
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